Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comfy! :: Cute!

Hello Everyone!

This is a segment I will be doing called Comfy! :: Cute! This is where I will show one outfit with different pairs of shoes to better accommodate the day's activities!
I know a lot of times I see girls wearing such GAW-GEOUS outfits but they're also usually wearing sky high heels and even though heels are my weakness, I walk A LOT and I honestly can't handle sky high heels all day. "/
Also, switching up your shoes can be an easy way to change the overall vibe of your outfit in seconds! 
I hope you enjoy my first Comfy! :: Cute! segment! I had so much fun doing this I can't wait to do it again! 
Extra thanks to my sweetie who took all the pictures! <3 <3 <3 

By the way:
 Jeans are from
 Striped top is from H&M
Collared shirt is from GAP
Watch is from Nordstrom 
Bag is from Vera Bradley 

Pair #1 

This first pair is definitely the comfiest! I am wearing gold sequined boat shoes which glittered in the sun and were a really cute accent to the shades of yellow on my bag! 

(Find the shoes here)

Pair #2 

These shoes kind of reminded me of a rainy day. I know that's random, but I would definitely wear these if there was an overcast. I think the dark gray flats would fit in with the weather, giving the bright jeans and bag an extra oomph of pop! And also bringing my spirits up on a gloomy day too! 

(Flats from Gap: Old) 

Pair #3

This was my favorite pairing! I wore my hot pink pumps that I bought last summer and have been seriously over-wearing them since! The pink complimented the mint jeans so beautifully! 

(Pumps from Old) 

Pair #4

Of course I couldn't leave out the classic nude pair! Nude always works with everything! I especially love this pair of pumps because they are SUPER comfy! I mean, I have NEVER put on a pair of heels that have been as comfy as these! 

(Pumps from Ebay: no longer available "/)

Pair #5

This final pair is the comfier version of the hot pink pumps. Pink just looks sooooo good against these mint jeans! I HAD to pair them up with some pink flats! 

(Flats from Ebay: no longer available "/) 

Which pair is your favorite? 

Can't wait to show you the next segment! 


  1. PAIR 5 ^^ It's so cute and simple, I love cute + simple!! And it's pink, I have an obsession over the colour pink!!

    Thanks for the great post!! You look amazing in all pictures with a beautiful smile!!

    1. Pair 5 is actually the pair I ended up wearing the rest of the day! You're right it is super cute and simple and SUPER easy to walk in all day! lol I love pink too!!! Thank you for the compliment!! You are so kind!! So happy to have you as a supporter! :D