Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keepin' it Coral!

Hi Everyone!

I LOVE this color combo!!!
It was super gloomy pretty much all day yesterday, but that made this outfit even better because it made me happy despite the weather! 
Anyways, FINALLY around 7 PM the sun made an appearance so we hurried and took a few photos. 
Also, I promise I'm not wearing a hair for some reason decided to be super voluminous up top...not that I'm complaining :) 
I hope you are inspired! 


Adoro esta combinacion de color!!!
Estuvo un poco oscuro ayer, pero eso solo hizo este traje mejor ya que me puso de buenas a pesar del clima triste!
FINALMENTE, como a las 7 PM, el sol empezo a reaparecer asi que nos apresuramos para aprovercharlo y tomamos unas cuantas fotos.  
Tambien prometo que no tengo puesto un "bump-it"...mi cabello, por alguna razon, decidio ser super voluminoso...bueno, tampoco me quejo :)
Espero que les guste!

By the way:

Jeans are from Kohls

Top is from Forever 21

Sweater is from Gap

Belt is from Charlotte Russe

Wedges are from Rue 21

Bag is from Ebay

See you again soon! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comfy! :: Cute!

Hello Everyone!

This is a segment I will be doing called Comfy! :: Cute! This is where I will show one outfit with different pairs of shoes to better accommodate the day's activities!
I know a lot of times I see girls wearing such GAW-GEOUS outfits but they're also usually wearing sky high heels and even though heels are my weakness, I walk A LOT and I honestly can't handle sky high heels all day. "/
Also, switching up your shoes can be an easy way to change the overall vibe of your outfit in seconds! 
I hope you enjoy my first Comfy! :: Cute! segment! I had so much fun doing this I can't wait to do it again! 
Extra thanks to my sweetie who took all the pictures! <3 <3 <3 

By the way:
 Jeans are from
 Striped top is from H&M
Collared shirt is from GAP
Watch is from Nordstrom 
Bag is from Vera Bradley 

Pair #1 

This first pair is definitely the comfiest! I am wearing gold sequined boat shoes which glittered in the sun and were a really cute accent to the shades of yellow on my bag! 

(Find the shoes here)

Pair #2 

These shoes kind of reminded me of a rainy day. I know that's random, but I would definitely wear these if there was an overcast. I think the dark gray flats would fit in with the weather, giving the bright jeans and bag an extra oomph of pop! And also bringing my spirits up on a gloomy day too! 

(Flats from Gap: Old) 

Pair #3

This was my favorite pairing! I wore my hot pink pumps that I bought last summer and have been seriously over-wearing them since! The pink complimented the mint jeans so beautifully! 

(Pumps from Old) 

Pair #4

Of course I couldn't leave out the classic nude pair! Nude always works with everything! I especially love this pair of pumps because they are SUPER comfy! I mean, I have NEVER put on a pair of heels that have been as comfy as these! 

(Pumps from Ebay: no longer available "/)

Pair #5

This final pair is the comfier version of the hot pink pumps. Pink just looks sooooo good against these mint jeans! I HAD to pair them up with some pink flats! 

(Flats from Ebay: no longer available "/) 

Which pair is your favorite? 

Can't wait to show you the next segment! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Um...Where Have I Been??

SO sorry for the delay on new posts! I am getting over strep throat and the weather here has just been awful! "/ It has been raining A LOT, but you know how sometimes when it rains either pre- or post, and  there's a beautiful overcast and when you take pictures all the colors just POP like crazy? Yea, that hasn't been what's going on here"/ 


I have been compiling some great outfits for the upcoming weekend and week and I am very excited to start posting them! 
I promise there will be a new post this weekend! I just can't promise a beautiful backdrop "/ 
Please stick with me! Once I get on a roll I won't be stopped! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Have Arrived!!!

Hello Everyone!!

My name is Michelle and I am so excited to finally begin my adventures in the blogging world! I am 21 years old, a college student and on my way to graduating a semester early! I am from Chicago and am fortunate enough to experience all four seasons throughout the year, which allows me to try all kinds of fashion trends. But it also gives me some challenges, like how to turn a big, puffy winter coat into a fashion statement, but I love a good challenge! 
This blog is going to be dedicated to fashion while also giving you a glimpse into my daily life and sharing the special moments and people I am fortunate enough to have with me. 
I follow tons and tons of blogs and I know everyone loves a frequently updated blog so I am going to try to post as much as possible and hopefully you don't get sick of me! Something I love most about blogging, is that I have found nothing but love on everyone's pages. I know not everyone is going to like my style, but I know some people will and I can't wait to share my fashion with those who will support! 
I can't wait to get in touch with all of you, hear your thoughts and become a fan of your blogs!