Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reindeer Games

Merry Christmas Eve!!!
Hello Again Loves!!
I know, and I am so sorry that I have been behind on my holiday style posts!! It has been crazy town around here! I am also sick -_- which I HAAATEEE!!! Especially so close to Christmas!! 
Please pray for me that it will go away tonight!! :) :) :) 
Anyways, here is one of my holiday style outfits I wore to a recent Girls Night!
I hope you enjoy!! 

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Forever 21 (Find it here!)

Necklace: Ebay (This one is only $3.99!!)

Pants: Rue21 (These are also great and 50% off!!)

Shoes: Francesca's (Find them here! And hurry they are 30% off!!) 

(Cue the awkward hand pose! lol) 

(Christmas Tree pre-whoville style decorations!!!)

What are your holiday style staples? And more importantly, what is your must-make food item for the holidays?!? 

As always, thank you to everyone who follows, comments, supports and spreads the word!! All of you mean so much to meeeee!!! 

****** Please note that I will be catching up on all my comments and follow backs after the holiday!! We have a lot of family events going on and I want to make sure I spend enough time reading everyones comments, following back and supporting all of YOU as much as you support me!! So THANK YOU for your patience with me!! I WILL be following back!!!******


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Lust List

Well Hello! 
Yes, I am aware my December Lust List is coming a bit late this month, but hey, at least it's a great list right?!?
ALSO there is still plenty of time to find these items on sale for the holiday season!! WINNING!! lol

1. J. Crew Factory Loafers - Are these not super perf for New Years?!?! Of course, most of us fashionistas will be wearing some type of flashy dress, what better occasion for it am I right? BUT if you are more of a pantsuit wearing gal, OR your New Years plans are more on the chill side, you should consider rocking these loafers! They are currently on sale ladies!!! 

2. Style Moi Sequin Dress - And this is the type of dress I'm talking about for New Years! At under $40 with free shipping this dress is a steal!! I love the gradient effect! This will definitely be a show stopper!! Go get it girlfran!!

3. Crosley Vinyl Record Player -  I just WANT this! Can you imagine listening to some Sam Smith on vinyl, with the fireplace going and some wine in hand? There are a variety of different prints and colors available at your local Urban Outfitters. Also, tons and tons of artists on vinyl too! This could be your new party staple, your romantic date night mood inducer, or just your sunday feel good mood lifter! So vintage, yet updated with a USB port! 

4. H&M Gold Sequined Trousers - Once again with the sequins! Sequins are just perfect for New Years aren't they? This pair is also great for any holiday festivities and really, any festivity you want to feel fancy for! The gold color is my favorite, but black is also classic and more versatile! 

5. Benefit Fun Sized Flirts - Benefit is one of my favorite cosmetic lines and when I saw this sample package at the Benefit counter in Macys I almost snatched them all up!! I know my sisters would love this!! And I'm pretty sure any lucky lady would love to receive this as well! Sample size packages like this are so great for the holidays because even if you aren't sure which exact makeup products your girlfriends are in to, samples sizes are perfect for testing out new products! And also great for traveling too! 

6. Something Geeky Christmas Pajamas - Who doesn't love this famous Christmas phrase?! How great would these be for basically any holiday function at home? Baking party? Movie night? Cuddle night with your special someone? Gift wrapping palooza??? The possibilities are endless! Grab you some and wear them for many holiday seasons to come! Now that's something you can invest in right? :)

What's on your December Lust List?? 
What are your favorite holiday season festivities?? 
Are you scrambling to finish your holiday shopping??

As always, thank you SO much to those of you who follow, comment, support and spread the word!! Thank you so much for going on this journey with me!!! 


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Faux Fur & Sequins & Plaid, Oh My!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!!

Long time no talk am I right? The past week has been crazy for me!! Christmas is basically right around the corner and I am definitely behind on my Christmas shopping! I have, however, been doing some serious scoping, and have a pretty solid game plan to get it all done and have time for a peppermint mocha break ;) 

Outfit Details: 

Faux Fur Vest: Target (Find it here )

Sequin Top: So old I have no idea where it came from lol but you can find a similar one here )

Plaid Shirt: Kohls (I want this one next!!)

Black Pants: Rue21 (Find similar ones here )

Boots: JustFab (These are on sale!)

Purse: Michael Kors (I am a fan of this one too!) 

How are YOU doing with your Christmas shopping? Are you almost done? Are you involved in a Secret Santa or Grab Bag??

As always, thank you so very much to all who follow, comment, support and spread the word!!!!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Red Velvet

Hey Hey Hey!
Happy Friday Eve Everyone!! 
When I saw this sweater at Old Navy I knew I just had to have it!! I say Ooh La La at least 3 times a day, everyday!! 
These heels are a gorgeous, lush, red velvet material! SO beautiful in person!!
And of course, the outfit would not be complete without a little plaid! :) 
Hope you Enjoy! 

Outfit Details: 

Plaid Shirt: JCPenney (Other colors here)

Sweater: Old Navy (No longer available online - but this one is super cute too!)

White Pants: Very Old! lol (this pair is really trendy!)

Heels: American Rag (You can still find these on Ebay!) 

Necklace: Ebay (Less than $4!?!? Get it here!)

YIKES it was cold!!!!! lol 

What are your plans for the weekend? 
Do you ever say Ooh La La? 
What is your catch phrase? 

As always, thank you to everyone for following, commenting, supporting, and spreading the word!! I appreciate each and every one of you!! :)


Monday, December 1, 2014

A Tad of Plaid

Hello Everyone! 
Well it has been a crazy week for me! So many celebrations and too much shopping!!!
I am so excited it is finally December! December is a wonderful month, of course because of the beautiful holiday, but also because it marks the end of the year and it is a time for us to reflect on all our experiences, accomplishments, and memories from the past year. 
The weather this past weekend in Chicago was so lovely! At about 50 degrees it felt like early fall! I wish our weather would linger around that temperature, but then again, I don't think sledding would be as fun if we were working up a sweat so quickly! 
Anyways, I hope you like this cozy Monday outfit! 
Welcome December!! 

Outfit Details: 

Sweater: Gap (This one looks super cozy!)

Necklace: Ebay (This one is super cute too!)

Purse: Deux Lux (I want this one !)

Leggings: Wet Seal (Similar pair here )

Shoes: Carsons (The Sperry version here )

How are you transitioning into Winter? What do you like most about December? 

Thank you everyone for sticking with me during my holiday hiatus!! Thanksgiving week was a whirlwind!! 

And as always, thank you to everyone for following, commenting, supporting and sharing!! You are everything to me!!