Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mint Investment

Happy Hump Day Friends! 

Well Happy Hump Day everyone!! I have to say...this week is actually flying by! I am so excited for the weekend!! It's basically Thursday already right?? I hope you enjoy this casual outfit! I scored this minty blue puffer vest on clearance at Old Navy! They also have a really cute hot pink puffer vest too! Super on trend for the upcoming months!!! 

Outfit Details:

Vest: Old Navy (This one is super cute and comes in a bunch of colors!)

Top: Francesca's (Similar here!)

Jeans: Charlotte Russe (Similar here!)

Flats: Old Navy (These are also super cute! And less than $15 right now!)

Is everyone excited for the Superbowl this weekend?? Who are you rooting for?

Thank you, as always, to everyone that follows, comments, spreads the word and supports my blog!! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!! I am so happy we are building a community of support together!! I believe wonderful things lie ahead for us all!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snowflake Season

Well Hello Again! 

Hey Everyone!! 
It has been a LOOONNNNGGGG time, no talk right?!?
Lots of personal things have been going on, but I am really gearing up to get back on track! January has really been flying by and lots of exciting things are coming up for February!! 
Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through my absence and slow postings, I truly appreciate all of you so much!!!!
I hope you enjoy this outfit!!

Outfit Details: 

Sweater: LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls (Available here!) 

Pants: Charlotte Russe (Available here!)

Necklace: Ebay (I want this one next!)

Bag: Michael Kors (Available here!)

Heels: Francesca's (These are super cute!)

Once again, thank you SO MUCH to all of you for sticking with me!!! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

January Lust List

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hello Again Everyone And A Very Happy New Year To You All!!!!!!!!!!
I do apologize for being off the grid lately! The holidays are always such a special time for me, I love spending time with family, and really that's all I want to do during the holiday season! We also have 3 early January birthdays so the celebrations are still on-going! 
I have also been sick (boogery ::EWWWWW::) so I have been avoiding going outside and taking pictures, however, I am coming back up to normal levels and should have some great posts up for all of you soon!! Thank you for sticking with me!!! I really, really appreciate your support!! 
Now how about we talk about my January Lust List items??

1. Kanye's Workout Plan Gym Bag - I know this is a serious throwback - and that hurts because it makes me feel super old - but can anyone find a better gym bag?!?! Not only would this motivate me to workout...but hello this is an awesome conversation starter and you will be the envy of all your fellow gym mates and resolution-ers! If lusting after this gym bag is wrong, I do NOT want to be right!!!!! 

2. Leopard + Pink Nike Shoes - Leopard is my jam, always will be. I absolutely believe leopard is a neutral, and I think that should be an official rule. Also, pink has recently become one of my favorite colors, so what better combination could I find?!? My boyfriend has been asking me to go play basketball with him and I always tell him I can't because I need new shoes - my current black, blue and neon green (LOVE) shoes are the squeakiest and embarrassing - so I guess he knows what to do if he wants me to play with him ;) Love you M <3

3. Mint Vest - Mint will always be one of my top list colors!! I have been all about vests since this past fall and now I am hunting for mints, pinks, purples and maybe even a sunshine yellow :) No, I do not think a girl can ever have too many vests!! :D 

4. Aerie Mint + Navy Sweater - Sweaters with this style cut and design have been all the rage lately! (Have you seen my Instagram post including a similar version?) The one I currently own is just a navy sweater with white design, but when I saw this one with the mint accent in there too, I just about hit the floor! Lol! Again, I am a big fan of mint so no surprise this sweater had to be on this list too!! 

5. Distressed Denim - Distressed denim was a huge trend in 2014 and I think it will still be around for 2015 as well. Even if it isn't, distressed denim is an attitude, not just a trend. I typically like to distress my own denim, but this pair is just so beautiful!!!!

6. Kate Spade Aqua Metallic Heels - Again with the light minty colors!! These Kate Spade heels are just super gorgeous and remind me of Winter for some reason! Kate Spade can really do no wrong in my book anyways so I had to have an item of hers on my first lust list of the year!! 

What do you predict are going to be the big trends in 2015? What is your New Years resolution? 

Thank you again to everyone that follows, comments, supports and spreads the word!! I am so excited for everything that lies ahead this year!! And am so grateful to have all of you along with me!!!! 
I am still catching up on comments, but please rest assured that I will be following everyone back that asks me too!! 
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See you soon!!