Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

        Hey Everyone!

What I'm Loving Wednesday is BACK! YAY! 
I've been on a dress craze lately! Everywhere I go it seems as if there are tons of gorgeous dresses! Dresses are perfect for so many different summer activities, and with the weather getting hotter and hotter, the less clothing items I have to wear, the better! 
So here are some of my favorite dresses and trends right now. I hope you find some you like! 
And of course...I hope you are inspired!

1. Floral dresses are awesome! You can start wearing them in Spring and carry them right through the Summer! Every girl needs a substantial stock of floral dresses in her closet! 

2. Stripes are nautical, and nautical is nice!! Who doesn't love rocking a nautical look in the summer? It's classic and fresh and appropriate for all kinds of occasions! 

3. Lace is sexy! No matter what style of dress, when you throw in a little, or a lot, of lace, the piece becomes super feminine and uber sexy! Lace reminds me of lingerie and what person doesn't find lingerie sexy?? Lace on a girly dress like number 3 totally gives off the sexy but sweet vibe! 

4. Color Block, Polka Dots, Brights and Patterns are all super hot for this Summer season! The most important thing is to try new styles, trends, colors, prints, etc. Trying new things is fun! You may discover a whole new facet to your fashion philosophy! 

1. Color Block Maxi 2. Jenny Packham Yellow Star 3. Traveling Cupcake Truck 4. Love Watermelon 5. No Longer Available "/ 6. Doxford 7. Maggie and Me Swing 8. Rosette Chiffon 9. Cut to the Coral 10. No Longer Available "/ 

See you again soon!


  1. I love floral prints too! so feminine and pretty!
    I am now following you, follow back?

    1. Florals are amazing!! Sure I'll follow you!

  2. LOVE the polka dot dresses!

    I followed you, follow me back? :)